Barbara Kasten

<p><b>Barbara Kasten</b>, <i>Transposition 3</i>, 2014, Fujiflex Digital Print, 60" x 48"</p>
<p><b>Barbara Kasten</b>, <i>Studio Construct 8</i>, 2007, Archival pigment print, 53.75 in x 43.75 in</p>
<p><b>Barbara Kasten</b>, <i>Photogenic Painting, Untitled 75/21</i>, 1975, Cyanotype Photogram, 30 in x 40 in</p>
<p><b>Barbara Kasten</b>, <i>Diptych II 84</i>, 1984, Cibachrome, 40 in x 60 in (each panel 40 in x 30 in)</p>
<p><b>Barbara Kasten</b>, <i>SCENE II</i>, 2012, Archival Pigment Print, 53.75 in x 43.75 in</p>
<p><b>Barbara Kasten</b>, <i>Collision 5 E</i>, 2016, Fujiflex Digital Print, 63 in x 48 in</p>
<p><b>Barabara Kasten</b>, <i>Progression Four</i>, 2017, Fujiflex Digital Print, fluorescent acrylic, 36 in x 36 in x 6.125 in</p>
<p><b>Barbara Kasten</b>, <i>Architectural Site 6, July 14, 1986</i>, Cibachrome, 40 in x 30 in</p>
<p><b>Barbara Kasten</b>, <i>Amalgam Series, Untitled 79/9</i>, 1979, Silver gelatin with crayon, 16 in x 20 in</p>
<p><b>Barbara Kasten</b>, <i>Incidence 5</i>, 2010, Archival pigment print, 43.75 in x 53.75 in</p>
<p><b>Barbara Kasten</b>, <i>Transposition 8</i>, 2014, Fujiflex Digital Print, 60 in x 48 in</p>

Creates abstract work ("I never think of photography as recording life") that explores how photographic processes record light and three dimensions. The images are not manipulated digitally or in the darkroom.

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