August Sander

<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Young Girl in Circus Caravan, Düren</i>, 1926.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Pastrycook</i>, 1928.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Farmer Sowing</i>, 1952.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Farm Children</i>, 1927.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Bricklayer's Mate</i>, 1928.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Berlin Coalheaver</i>, 1929.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Blacksmiths</i>, 1926.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Village Schoolteacher, Westerwald</i>, 1921.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Member of a Nuremberg Student Corps</i>, 1928.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b></p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>The Architect Hans Heinz Lüttgen and his Wife Dora</i>, 1926.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Circus Artist, Düren</i>, 1930-32.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Indian Man and German Woman</i>, 1926.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Circus People</i>, 1930.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Young Farmers</i>, 1914.</p>
<p><b>August Sander</b>, <i>Secretary</i>, circa 1928.</p>
1875 , d. 1964

Took portraits to document the different types of people that make up society; People of the 20th Century.


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