Andreas Feininger

<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b>, <i>The Photojournalist</i>, 1951. Magnum Photos member Dennis Stock.</p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b></p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b>, <i>Self Portrait</i>, 1946.</p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b>, <i>Fencer with Saber Mask</i>, 1955.</p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b>, <i>Coney Island, July 4th</i>, 1949.</p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b>, <i>Brooklyn Bridge Seen from Brooklyn, New York</i>, 1950.</p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b></p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b></p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b></p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b>, <i>Cities Service Building on Pine Street, New York</i>, 1942.</p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b>, <i>A Crescent Moon Rises Between Manhattan Skyscrapers</i>, 1946.</p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b>, <i>Navy helicopter or Pattern Made by Helicopter Wing Lights</i>, 1949.</p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b>, <i>Ribcage of a Gorilla</i>, 1951.</p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b></p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b>, <i>Skeleton Structure of a Viper Snake</i>, 1951.</p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b></p>
<p><b>Andreas Feininger</b>, <i>Lunch Rush on Fifth Avenue, NYC</i>, 1950.</p>
<p><b>Photographer</b>, <i>Brooklyn Army Base</i>, 1949.</p>
1906 , d. 1999

Raised in Germany, trained as a cabinet maker and architect before taking to photography. Shot for Life magazine, known for photos of New York City during the 40's and 50's, images of skeletons and shells and other natural world studies, as well as some portraiture.

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