Alfred Stieglitz

<p><b>Alfred Stieglitz</b>, <i>The Steerage</i>, 1907.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Stieglitz</b>, <i>The Hand of Man</i>, 1902.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Stieglitz</b>, <i>From the Back Window, 291</i>, 1915.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Stieglitz</b>, <i>Equivalent</i>, 1930.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Stieglitz</b>, <i>Winter, 5th Avenue</i>, 1893.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Stieglitz</b>, <i>Gossip, Katwyk</i>, 1894.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Stieglitz</b><i>Sun Rays, Paula, Berlin</i>, 1889.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Stieglitz</b>, <i>Georgia O'Keeffe, Hands</i>, 1919.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Stieglitz</b>, <i>Georgia O'Keeffe</i>, 1918.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Stieglitz</b>, <i>Hands</i>, 1930.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Stieglitz</b>, <i>Equivalent</i>, 1926.</p>
1863 , d. 1946

Founder of Gallery 291, promoted photography as a fine art equal to painting, sculpture etc.; "Equivalent" series of cloud photos regarded as first abstract photography; the "Photo-Secession", Camera Work journal; married to Georgia O'Keeffe.

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