Alfred Eisenstaedt

<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>VJ Day in Times Square</i>, 1945.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>First Meeting Between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, Italy</i>, 1933.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Waiters Watching Sonja Henie Skate</i>, 1932.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Ice Skating Waiter</i>, 1932. Skating waiter RenŽ Breguet delivers drinks at the Grand Hotel, St. Moritz.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Premiere at La Scala, Milan</i>, 1934.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Ballerinas in a rehearsal room at George Balanchine's School of American Ballet</i>, 1937.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Future Ballerinas of the American Ballet Theatre</i>, 1937.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Farewell of Servicemen, Clock at Pennsylvania Station</i>, 1943.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Mother and Child, 4 months after the Atomic Bomb</i>, 1945.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Trees in Snow, St. Moritz</i>, 1947.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Children at Puppet Theatre III</i>, 1963. Children watch the story of "Saint George and the Dragon" at an outdoor puppet theater in Paris.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Sophia Loren</i>, Naples, 1961.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Multnomah Falls, Oregon</i>, 1938.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Winter Morning Stroll in the Gallerias</i>, 1934.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Marilyn Monroe Writing at Home</i>, 1953.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Lumberyard, Seattle, Washington</i>, 1937.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Two Ballerinas Standing in Window of the Grand Opera de Paris During Rehearsal of "Swan Lake"</i>, 1930.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Carol Lombard</i>, 1938.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Walt Disney</i>, 1938.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b></p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b></p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Richard Avedon</i>, 1963.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>Robert Capa</i>, 1942.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Nurses at Roosevelt Hospital</i>, 1937.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Cadets at the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis</i>, 1936.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Drum Major and Children, University of Michigan</i>, 1950.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Siesta on the Right Bank of the River Seine</i>, 1963.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>California, 1950. A soldier leans out of a train to kiss a woman goodbye.</i></p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>Penn Station, 1943. Couple sharing farewell embrace before he ships off to war.</p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>London, 1935. Soldiers departing for Egypt from Feltham Station lean out of their windows to kiss their loved ones goodbye.</i></p>
<p><b>Alfred Eisenstaedt</b>, <i>New York, 1945. Actress Marlene Dietrich is hoisted up to kiss a GI as he arrives home from World War II.</i></p>
1898 , d. 1995

Freelance photographer, emigrated to U.S. in 1935, worked for Life for many years, made memorable images of the famous along with candid photos.

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