Alexander Gardner

<p><b>Alexander Gardner</b><i>Execution of Captain Henry Wirtz (i.e. Wirz), C.S.A, adjusting the rope</i>, November 10th, 1865.</p>
<p><b>Alexander Gardner</b>, <i>Richmond, Virginia. Burnt district</i>, April 1865.</p>
<p><b>Alexander Gardner</b>, <i>Richmond, Va. Ruins of paper mill with water-wheel; another view</i>, 1865.</p>
<p><b>Alexander Gardner</b>, <i>Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Slaughter pen at foot of Round Top</i>, July 1863.</p>
<p><b>Alexander Gardner</b>, <i>Antietam, Maryland. Federal buried, Confederate unburied, where they fell</i>, September 1862.</p>
<p><b>Alexander Gardner</b>, <i>Richmond, Va. Bridge over the Canal; barges beyond</i>, 1865.</p>
<p><b>Alexander Gardner</b>, <i>Antietam, Maryland. A Confederate soldier who after being wounded had evidently dragged himself to a little ravine on the hillside where he died</i>, 1862.</p>
<p><b>Alexander Gardner</b>, <i>Warrenton, Va. Maj. Charles J. Whiting, Capt. James E. Harrison, and Capt. Wesley W. Owens of the 5th U.S. Cavalry</i>, November 1862.</p>
<p><b>Alexander Gardner</b>, <i>Battle-field of Gettysburg--Dead Confederate sharpshooter at foot of Little Round Top [i.e., Devil's Den]</i>, July 1863.</p>
<p><b>Alexander Gardner</b>, <i>Acquia (i.e. Aquia) Creek Landing, Va.</i>, 1861-65. View at Aquia Creek Landing. View of transports at dock. Supply boat FAIRY shown.</p>
<p><b>Alexander Gardner</b>, <i>Jericho Mill, North Anna River, Va.</i>, May 1864.</p>
1820 , d. 1881

Ran Mathew Brady's Washington D.C. studio for a time, and as one of "Brady's Boys" photographed the Civil War (might have dragged bodies around to make a better picture) and hanging of Lincoln's assassination conspirators.

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