February 11th 2017

Bowl by Aibi Takahashi

Aibi Takahashi

Four-winged dragon sticking out tongue, by Jenna Tong

Jenna Tong

Reitz green pot with carved leaf design by Karley Bentler

Karley Bentler

Tenmoku cup by Maile Dillender
Tenmoku cup by Dean Smith
Totoro ocarina by Erin Gallagher
White sneaker by Idreas Rashid
Plate with rake glaze fired to cone 10 by Jocelyn Purvis
Small blue bottle by Cameron Kolesa
Blue slab vessel by Quinn McCloskey

February 11th 2017 Teabowls

Textured shino tea bowl by Kam Taylor

Kam Taylor

Mino shino tea bowl by Kam Taylor

Kam Taylor

Stamped blue-brown teabowl by Emma Ledsham

Emma Ledsham

Shino teabowl with cherry blossom design by Isa Lee

Isa Lee

Carved oribe teabowl by Jeremy Alarcon Gomez

Jeremy Alarcon Gomez

June 14th 2016

Some of the last ceramics pieces as we wrap up the year.

Dragon by Erin Gallagher (in progress)

Erin Gallagher

Carved celadon jar by Jenna Tong

Jenna Tong

Carved celadon coil pot by Lilly Jones

Lilly Jones

Pierced shino bowl by Chris Sciumbato

Chris Sciumbato

Black pot with sculpted lid by Vanessa Retallick

Vanessa Retallick

Blue cup with handle by Anthony Hester

Anthony Hester

Loosely thrown black pot by Felix Kolesa

Felix Kolesa

Temmoku pot with lid by Brayden Mills

Brayden Mills

Teabowl with net pattern by Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown

Slab vessel by Riley Garcia

Riley Garcia

Divided organizer tray by Anastasia Sidorovich

Anastasia Sidorovich


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