May 6th 2015

Raku pot by Zachary Anderson-Nord

Zachary Anderson-Nord

Handbuilt cup by Joleen Nguyen

Joleen Nguyen

Slab tray by Liyou Alemu

Liyou Alemu

Minion by Joshua Hochstetler

Joshua Hochstetler

Shino tea bowl by Avery Magnelli
Slab tray by Joleen Nguyen
Celadon tea bowl by Joleen Nguyen
Raku sea urchin cup by Kaylee Feeney
Broken and patched celadon tea bowl by Madeleine Truffat
Tenmoku tea bowl by Michael Rhoads
Celadon platter by Zachary Anderson-Nord
Bowl by Zachary Anderson-Nord
Deep bowl by Zachary Anderson-Nord

time well spent

closeup view Jack Troy cup, links to Jack Troy artist page

time to explore

link to newest page of ceramic artist links, including link to Scott Parady, pictured

time flies

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