Frosty the Snowbong

Frosty the (unfired, don't want him to melt now, do we?) Snowbong

While I applaud initiative, some parts of what might be this student's 'high school and beyond' plan and holiday spirit would best be saved for the 'beyond' high school part. Or, from around three student-lifetime's worth of observation of how this plan has played out with far too many others, forgotten altogether. I love ya, my students - that's why I'm telling' it straight.

No bongs, kids - no bongs. Did Calvin & Hobbes make a snowman like this? No, Calvin & Hobbes did not.

(Why are bongs usually so less than aesthetically pleasing? Do they appear better after using them? Why not just put in the work to make cool art in the first place and avoid having to use a bong to make it look good?)

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