A Few of My Favorite Things From 2017-18

Last school year I fell behind on photographing student ceramics work. Here are but a few of the good creations that came out of the studio during that time.

Lily pad platter by Erin Gallagher

Erin Gallagher

Raku teabowl by Grace Winter

Grace Winter

White pitcher by Hannah Wiggins

Hannah Wiggins

Coil pot by Abby Monson
Coil pot by Grace Winter
Celadon teapot by Hannah Wiggins
Shino bowl by Natalie Lewis
White cup with handle by Natalie Lewis

time well spent

closeup view Jack Troy cup, links to Jack Troy artist page

time to explore

link to newest page of ceramic artist links, including link to Scott Parady, pictured

time flies

Link to monthly image blog