December Ceramics 2021

Lots of nice work to finish off the year!

White bowl with blue overglaze rim pattern by Adriana Ghizila

Adriana Ghizila

Green pot with lid by Denisha Nash

Denisha Nash

White teacup by Jaimie Murray

Jaimie Murray

Box with lid by Jayden D'Souza

Jayden D'Souza

White coil pot with cherry pattern by Jimena De Dios

Jimena De Dios

Set of three plates by Jonah Jorgensen

Jonah Jorgensen

Plate with horse design by Maia Olsen
Planter box by Marcin Kopciewski

Marcin Kopciewski

Hand sculpture by Mari Love

Mari Love

Blue plate with engraved design by Melissa Vasquez Sanchez

Melissa Vasquez Sanchez

Shino teabowl by Mimi Avalos

Mimi Avalos

Celadon plates by Samantha Barrios

Samantha Barrios

Cat cup by Tiffany Shim

Tiffany Shim

Faceted bowl by Adriana Ghizila
Small bowl with cat design by Adriana Ghizila
Hobbit hole cup by Adriana Ghizila
Flower pattern cup by Amy O'Connell
Small pitcher by Ashleigh Sloan
Two small dishes by Ashleigh Sloan
Small pot by Ashleigh Sloan
Blue cup by Audrey Brown
Bowl with teadust glaze by Denisha Nash
Blue coil vase by Drew Hermes
Shino teabowl by Ella Budden
Slab coil vase by Ellis Toombs
Mini-pots by Evelyn Eggers
Small raku pot by Evelyn Eggers
Colorful salamander by Grace Lundeen
Small figures by Jaimie Murray
Vase by Jaimie Murray
Sculptural vase by Jaimie Murray
Man holding a flower by Jaimie Murray
Celadon teabowl with spiral design by Jayden D'Souza
Green and white tray by Kelly Leong
Small bowl with eye pattern by Kenzie Cherry
Teabowl with small flower pattern by Madelyn Byker
Coil vase by Maia Breslin
Hand sculpture by Mari Love
Hand sculpture by Mari Love
Teabowl by Max Ghelsen
Coil vase by Norah Accola
Coil vase by Paige Landau
Pot with lid by Samantha Barrios
Pot with lid and saucer by Sophia Schumer
Small raku pot by Wendy Barben

time well spent

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