Ceramics Part 2, November 27th 2021

Bowl with skeleton hand design by Adriana Ghizila

Adriana Ghizila

Triangular cup by Grace Lundeen

Grace Lundeen

Black and white coil vase by Grant Liang

Grant Liang

Small bowl with face by Jaimie Murray

Jaimie Murray

Two tier cake box by Jaimie Murray

Jaimie Murray

Egg holder figures by Jaimie Murray

Jaimie Murray

Blue bowl with flower pattern by Melissa Vasquez Sanchez

Melissa Vasquez Sanchez

Large orange eye by Savannah Hope

Savannah Hope

White cup with blue design by Sophia Schumer

Sophia Schumer

Amber cup by Vincent Huag

Vincent Huag

Iron red planter by Yuanzhi Huang

Yuanzhi Huang

time well spent

closeup view Jack Troy cup, links to Jack Troy artist page

time to explore

link to newest page of ceramic artist links, including link to Scott Parady, pictured

time flies

Link to monthly image blog