August 4th 2017

Kaylee Feeney

Carved green celadon bowl by Kaylee Feeney
Raku planter by Kaylee Feeney
Pot with lid by Kaylee Feeney

Jenna Tong

Unglazed pot with lid by Jenna Tong
Small raku jar by Jenna Tong
Small vase with altered rim by Jenna Tong

Erin Gallagher

Dragon reading a book by Erin Gallagher
Dragon sculpture by Erin Gallagher

Quinn McCloskey

Reitz green bowl by Quinn McCloskey
Bowl with altered rim by Quinn McCloskey
Pot by Quinn McCloskey

Kam Taylor

Teapot by Kam Taylor
Cup with handle by Kam Taylor

Cameron Kolesa

Vase by Cameron Kolesa
Cup by Cameron Kolesa

Ezekial Fu

Mask by Ezekial Fu
Raku sculpture by Ezekial Fu

Single Works

Pot by Amanda Luckett

Amanda Luckett

Cup with handle by Ben Roybal

Ben Roybal

Bowl by Collin Meyer

Collin Meyer

Yunomi by Dayton Lewis

Dayton Lewis

Teabowl by Gareth Roche

Gareth Roche

Large shino bowl by Hanna Wiggins

Hanna Wiggins

Slab vessel by Hayden Jarvis

Hayden Jarvis

Cat vessels by Jax Condit

Jax Condit

Bowl with altered rim by Maile Dillender

Maile Dillender

Pierced vessel by Karley Bentler

Karley Bentler

Raku vase by Rachelle Kuhn

Rachelle Kuhn

Slab vessel by Samantha Goetze

Samantha Goetze

Bowl by Stephen Wells

Stephen Wells

Raku pot by Taylor Kopp

Taylor Kopp

time well spent

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time flies

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