Daily Dose Of Cute

Claire Thompson's Totoro!

by Claire Thompson

Giraffe bowl by Kyla Keeler

by Kyla Keeler

Alex's Amazing Crazing Glazing

Plate by Alex Gajowski

Alex Gajowski, multi-talented master of improv laughter and also my T.A., made a styling shell plate and mixed up a crackle glaze to go with it. Results = sweeeet!

Three Bowls

From the April 22nd cone 10 firing:

Bowl by Casey Stoltz

by Casey Stoltz.

Bowl by Aaron Anderson

by Aaron Anderson.

Bowl and plate by Chris Evans

by Chris Evans.

Where There's Smoke There's Cool

Raku bowl by Kailie Ponto
Raku bowl by Kailie Ponto

Or in this case, raku. By that multi-talented rakutoucanologist, Kailie Ponto.

Here Be Monsters

Kaitlin Stair's dragon waiting to be fired

Kaitlin Stair's work bides its time in the terra incognita of the back room - waiting for the kiln, or an unsuspecting soul . . .

Open Studio Friday April 22nd 2011

Come on by and play with clay! Open to anyone in the Inglemoor HS family. From 2-8pm.

Maryhill Museum

Rainbow in the Gorge


Lisa and I went down to the gorge and Hood River for a few days and enjoyed the scenery. One of the highlights was the Maryhill Museum. How can you not like a place that has a closet full of heads?

Maryhill Museum Closet Full O' Heads

March 18th Firings

Here's a few of the happy results from the last firings. Most of the rest can be found in the student gallery.

Paige Rogstad teabowl

by Paige Rogstad

CJ Barnes teabowl

by CJ Barnes

Marshall Hetland teabowl

by Marshall Hetland

Three Faces

Rachel Hsu's face sculpture

by Rachel Hsu

Aaron Anderson's mask

by Aaron Anderson

Cold Day Aesthetics

Two Tea Bowls

Depending upon your tastes, you might find the look of one of these tea vessels more appealing than the other.

Yesterday it was SNOWING, big fat wet flakes - so much for spring break. I took a moment to curl up around something warm.


time well spent

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