May 5th 2015

Happy cinco de mayo.

cinco de mayo

2015 Washington State High School Photo Contest

The annual high school photography contest took place in our gym Saturday and was as big and exciting as ever. Around 70 schools participated, submitting 4000ish images. This year our judges were Eirik Johnson, a professor of photography at UW who also works with Photo Center NW; Margaret Zydek, photo professor at Bellevue College; and Catherine Abegg, a primarily portrait and wedding photographer. Reactions to their choices ranged from "Yes!" to "Why the HECK did they choose THAT?!", but from a sea of images they managed to winnow out 1st through 6th places in each of twelve categories. Our students put up a pretty good showing this year and earned third place overall. Below are not only the images that received recognition (a few still need to be added), but also some good works that were lost in the crowd.

The first three photos below will be professionally framed and join the traveling show that exhibits in the Seattle Art Museum, among other venues.

Bailey Fjelstul, 2nd place camera phone

Bailey Fjelstul, 2nd place camera phone

Mairead Brown, 3rd place portrait

Mairead Brown, 3rd place portrait

Chase Graham, 3rd place manipulation

Chase Graham, 3rd place manipulation

Other Images That Placed:

Chris Sciumbato, 4th place camera phone

Chris Sciumbato, 4th place camera phone

Zamir Gonzalez, 5th place architecture

Zamir Gonzalez, 5th place architecture

Caitlin Clarke, 5th place landscape

Caitlin Clarke, 5th place landscape

Chris Sciumbato, 6th place abstract

Chris Sciumbato, 6th place abstract

Kristin Willis, 6th place animal

Kristin Willis, 6th place animal

Maddux Pearson, 6th place camera phone

Maddux Pearson, 6th place camera phone


Chantal Ramos, finalist landscape
Elliot Mock, finalist landscape
Ryan Cass, finalist abstract
Taylor Simonson, finalist abstract
Lexi Hungerford, finalist color

Select Images:

Ryan Cass, select abstract
Lexi Hungerford, select abstract
Bailey Fjelstul, select camera phone
Noah Puff, select camera phone
Noah Puff, select camera phone
Kyra Hedman, select camera phone
Meghan Duft, select camera phone
Chase Graham, select camera phone
Ioan Butiu, select color
Bailey Fjelstul, select landscape
Hannah McCausland, select landscape
Chase Graham, select landscape
Taylor Simonson, select people
Taylor Simonson, select portrait
Nina Xiong, select still life
Beth Malkin, select still life

Other Good Photos:

Taylor Simonson
Taylor Simonson
Taylor Simonson
Jacob Johanson
Srijit Paul
Amanda Brundson
Elliot Mock
Maddie Urschel
Ryan Cass

March 26th 2015

New semester, new students, and a few new pieces now with more in the works.

Square amber tray with carved treerings by Kaylee Feeney

Kaylee Feeney

Shino fire guinomi by Ishaq Hilber Abdul-Haq

Ishaq Hilber Abdul-Haq

Shaner's gold plate by Eric Bjers

Eric Bjers

Textured sculptural celadon tray by Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones

January 23rd 2015

Some students do Running Start and take college classes during high school, and some students do Running Finish, trying to cram all the work they should have completed a Long Time Ago in the last day of the semester. It was a running finish kinda day - all the way into early evening. After all the dust and Dektol had settled, though, there were a few small things.

Hand by Sydney Ross

Sydney Ross is always willing to lend a hand.

Blue textured cup by Peyton Carroll

Peyton Carroll

Malcom's shine cup by Chris Wright

Chris Wright

Winn blue and tenmoku cup by Dustin Lloyd

Dustin Lloyd

Blue bowl by Briana McGinnis
Blue slab vase by Emma Gastineau
Cruise ship by Idries Rashid

January 18th 2015

Tree down over roadway

Riding to school at 6am to fire the last kilnloads of the semester, I encountered debris and two large trees blocking my path, brought down by stormy weather that was trying to turn me into a kite. Meh - business as usual. This tree I went around (where the pretty decorative tape is, put up after I went through (the first time)) and the other one I hoisted my bike over and clambered after it - no problems. The lights were flickering at school but held out, and the school neighbors shot off fireworks to celebrate when the kiln got to cone 10 - or maybe that was for the Seahawks winning? Crazy day.

December 26th 2014

Some cups and other projects from the last two cone 10 firings, as well as low fire and raku work.

tea dust glazed tea bowl by Jordan Lemieux

Jordan Lemieux

Mino shino tea bowl with blue decoration by Kenzie Gardner

Kenzie Gardner

Stamped tea bowl by Emma Gastineau

Emma Gastineau

Stamped orange tea bowl by Emma Gastineau
Green and black teabowl by Bainbridge Garcia
Blue teabowl by Briana McGinnis
Celadon tea bowl by James Allen
Mino shino cup by Nick Brown

Slab vase by Nick Brown

Nick Brown

Snowman jar by Nicole Rauch

Nicole Rauch

Raku jar by James Allen

James Allen

Tray by Amanda Zimmer
Coil beehive jar by Becca Patterson
Slab vase by Lexi Morrison
Ornamental cup by Megan Buller
Cup with handle by Taylor Simonson

November 11th 2014

The first cone 10 firing of the year came out a couple weeks ago, and here's a few of the results.

Elephant tray by Darhian Miils

Darhian Mills

Bowl by Sydney Ross, fired to cone 04

Sydney Ross (bowl fired to cone 04)

Tray by Emma Gastineau

Emma Gastineau

White on black tray by Meghan Duft, fired to cone 04
Blue flower tray by Ashley Gothenquist
Carved celadon tray by Becca Patterson
Reitz green tray by Lexi Morrison
Wavy blue tray by Nicole Rauch
Celadon tray by Shea Haaker
Thrown bowl by Zachary Anderson-Nord

October 2nd 2014 Open House

Sydney Ross made a tray in time to raku fire during our open house. It turned out well and I didn't even set any parents on fire - a good night all in all.

Raku tray by Sydney Ross

June 23rd 2014

Some last prints from the darkroom:

Bailey Fjelstul

Bailey Fjelstul

Megan Liang

Megan Liang

Marley Mecham

Marley Mecham

Adrienne Reagan
Ben Nussbaum
Chloe Jarvis
Chloe Jarvis
Darrius Capehart
Heather McKenzie
Jennifer Chen
Lauren Mamaghani
Makisa Bronson
Makisa Bronson
Megan Liang


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