pile of stuff to  be graded

StudentVUE student log in to view grades

ParentVUE parent/guardian log in to view grades

(If you're a parent/guardian and haven't visited school to set up your own password, have your student log in for you.)

Gradebook Codes

  • Blank (Blank space; no effect on grade) - Has yet to be graded by the teacher (in my class it more often also means the assignment is not yet due).
  • 0 (Zero; score = 0) - The student earned a zero on the assignment.
  • AD (Academic Dishonesty; score = 0) - The student violated the Academic Honesty policy for the assignment and therefore earned a zero score.
  • cr (Credit; no negative effect on grade) - The student passed the assignment and received credit (rather than a zero).
  • dr (Drop; no effect on grade) - The score/test grade was thrown out.
  • ex (Excused; no effect on grade) - The student missed the assignment, but is not expected to make it up.
  • mi (Missing; score = 0 until made up) - The assignment was not received by deadline, but can still be turned in for credit according to class policy.
  • NM (No Make Up; score = 0) - The student failed to turn in the assignment by the deadline and the assignment cannot be made up.

Some notes on grades:

  1. Grades are updated once every week or two, usually on Sunday nights.
  2. I have no burning desire to drop everything and work harder to grade and enter late assignments to make up for student procrastination. If your not being grounded etc. depends on your grades, get things in on time. If you didn't, it may take a couple days or a week for things to get updated.
  3. For ceramics students: as ceramics projects take time to complete and go through the process of multiple firings and evaluation, weeks may sometimes pass with little apparent change in the progress report. Also, around half the assignments are not due till the end of the semester, so grades can change radically near the end – blank boxes are wild cards. Make sure you/your student's work is on track.
  4. At times I may miss updating a score that I have changed in my paper gradebook, such as when work is resubmitted, or in some other way fail to completely align online scores with student achievements. If you suspect an inconsistency in your grades, please let me know so I can make corrections.
  5. For more information about grades and grading, please refer to the appropriate syllabus or evaluation sheet on the Documents page. If you have more specific questions, please contact me.

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