Good Reads

Haphazardly thrown into categories below, a random fraction of a percent of the books I've enjoyed. Click on any cover image within the categories to go to its Amazon listing for more info, if not necessarily to buy it there (but if you do buy after clicking on the link, it will help fund our art & education madness!) Libraries are excellent places to live at, and check out books from - especially our own Inglemoor Library with our rockstar karate weasel librarians! The University Bookstore in the U District is addictive, and Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park is also great. And at some point you should make the pilgrimage to Powell's, the City of Books in Portland, Oregon.

Girl Genius

Need I say more? Read it or eat hot death ray! Girl Genius, by the local husband and wife team of Professors Phil and Kaja Foglio.

time well spent

closeup view Jack Troy cup, links to Jack Troy artist page

time to explore

link to newest page of ceramic artist links, including link to Scott Parady, pictured

time flies

Link to monthly image blog