Gallery & Museum Visit

All Inglemoor art students are required to do some learning on their own in the form of visiting both an art gallery and an art museum during the course of the semester. This is an indispensable part of an artist's quality education, inspiration and life that cannot be replaced by surfing the web, browsing books, etc.


  • This assignment counts for 10% of the total classwork. Failure to complete the assignment will result in the drop of a full letter grade.
  • Students have nearly the whole semester to complete the assignment. Unless otherwise noted in the deadlines, visit forms will be accepted for full credit until the end of the Friday before the last week of class. Visit forms handed in later than this will receive no credit, with no exceptions.
  • Students should check the visit form or the list of suggested places to make sure they go to places that will count.
  • In order to receive credit, students must respond thoughtfully to all questions on the visit form.
  • Students need proof that they visited: a photo of themselves inside or in front of the gallery/museum works best.
  • Students who go together on their gallery and museum visits must choose different works of art to answer their questions on, and come up with their own answers. Students who copy others' work or allow others to copy theirs will receive no credit, and be subject to Inglemoor's academic honesty policy.


  • The sooner you do it, the better off you are.
  • Galleries are free to visit - they make their money by selling art - but museums usually require an entry fee. The exceptions around here are the Frye Art Museum, which is always free; free entry on the first Thursday of every month to the Seattle Art Museum and Seattle Asian Art Museum; and free entry to the Bellevue Art Museum on the first Friday of every month. Check the suggested places page for detailed information.
  • The art department tries to offer a gallery/museum field trip during the fall and the IHS Artwalk during the spring as means to help fulfill this assignment - stay tuned for details. Depending upon local offerings, attending an art workshop might also be offered as a way to earn assignment credit.

Visit the suggested places page.
Download the visit form.

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